Company is founded in 2008 and backed with over 20 years experience with the purpose of doing international commerce worldwide. SI Group is the parent company of the following subsidiary companies:

➢ SI Metals

➢ SI Landcorp

➢ SI Energy Corp

SI Group operates out of Montreal, Canada and Lisbon, Portugal, which we service globally.
SI Group has been concentrating with Iron Ore and developing mines for export to China; countries primarily active in these operations are Mexico and Chile.

SI Group is now together with partners in full development in the areas of:

➢ Agri, rice, Corn, Soybean via Vietnam and brazil into Africa and Middle East.
➢ Milk powder via USA, FDA approved to the Middle East.
➢ Oil and Petro Chemicals (D2, D6, JP54, M100, LPG and Crude)
➢ Metals, specifically copper and scrap steal (HMS-1 & HMS-2).
➢ Sugar and coffee from Brazil and Colombia to Europe, Middle East     and Africa.

➢ development of housing for underdeveloped and developing countries.

Our company has recently acquired partners within our group with the right knowledge, funds, expertise and anything we might not have had in our own direct SIG network.

These partners are always secured by our company in matters of the capabilities and strength.
Our group operates in 4 different sectors. These are;

➢ Energy Oil and Gas

➢ Metals

➢ Agricultural

➢ Building and Construction



SI Energy Corp an oil and gas division of SI Group is now in a joint venture working relationship with Kian Oil Group. In addition to dealing in waste management and energy we SI Energy Corp now deal with crude, diesel and heating oil (LPG – LNG – D2 – OIL – JP54 – JET A – BITUMEN – GASOLINE EN 590 – MAZUT 100 – PET COKE – GASOLINE A 92-95)

KIAN OIL GROUP LLC – Operates with the best and experienced managers and experts in International Fuel Markets.

we now as a joint working partnership between SI Group and Kian Oil Group have the ability and can supply Petroleum , Chemical & Petrochemical Products with the best specifications and competitive prices from Iran, Venezuela, Kuwait and Belarus. Kian Oil Group Cooperate operates as a privately owned entity company.

A few specifics concerning Kian Oil Group company; it was established as an entity in petrochemical products , specifically in OIL & GAS products.

The company was established and regulated as a seller in Armenia and Latvia for over 2 years.

Kian Oil Group have legal & official cooperation with the following countries; Germany, Italia, France, China, Georgia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, UAE, Singapore, African, Malaysia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya and India and now Portugal in Europe headed and managed by SI Group’s Senior Vice President Dr. Nizar Sofani.

The products which SI Group Corperation can now supply with our new partner Kian Oil Group are as follow:


➢ D6 Virgin Fuel Oil

➢ EN 590 ULSD PPM10

➢ MAZUT M100 GOST 10

➢ 85 – 99 5 – GASOLINE 95 OCTANES

➢ DIESEL D2 OIL GOST 305 – 82

➢ CRUDE OIL GOST 9965 – 76



➢ BITUMEN – 40 / 50 – 60 / 70 – 80 / 100





SI Agricultural, many of our agro suppliers come from Canada and South America where we export to the Middle East and Africa. Commodities being handled are Sugar, rice, Soybean, Corn and coffee.





SI Metals, our current suppliers for metal range from Central and South America in Iron Ore, scrap metal and copper.

Hard Commodities such as Iron Ore, Scrap Metals and Copper are vetted and available though SI Metals. We have long-term relationships with governments and businesses around the world, which allow us to provide real commodities at competitive prices. SI Group vets all companies we work to ensure they have the ability to successfully complete a transaction. We are title holders for each product contracted offering a door to door service.






intends to become a leader in innovation and commercialization solutions for sustainable housing, by creating housing solutions that are affordable and efficient to meet the needs of populations, businesses and institutions in emerging countries. Current emerging projects being developed with government officials in Sierra Leone, DR Congo and Spain. 


We are looking forward to serving you and engaging in a long and profitable relationship, contact us at: