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SI Group is a global commodities marketing and sourcing company with over 20 years experience. SI Group has a network of contacts spanning the globe with the ability to supply a country or company with exactly what they require. We handle container and bulk shipments of Soft Commodities in the form of Rice, Sugar, Soybean, Corn etc. and locate new supplies in emerging markets. SI Group can help create markets which never existed before in many countries by helping governments introduce new crops and refinery processes to bring to a global market. Feel free to contact us with specific requests for any soft commodity as we will be able to source it.

Hard Commodities such as Iron Ore, Coal, Scrap Metals, Copper and Oil are vetted and available though SI Group. We have long-term relationships with governments and businesses around the world which allow us to provide real commodities at competitive prices. SI Group vets all companies we work to ensure they have the ability to successfully complete a transaction. We represent buyers and sellers and offer solutions for both, if you’re a supplier looking for a worldwide audience and a strong team to market your commodity contact us today.

SI Group is a supplier of Iron Ore, Copper, Coal, Scrap Metal, Oil and agricultural products around the world.

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Did you know?

The SI Group logo was developed and created in Switzerland to symbolize precious commodities which is represented in red as a precious stone. These precious commodities found around the world coming out of the ground are prepared and delivered globally by vessel throughout oceans around the world. The silver connected to the commodity in red represents the vessels and the means of transport out on the five global oceans.